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I enjoy many comics that are available only on the web, as well as newspaper comics that are made available on the web. I've been humoring myself for a year or two now with the idea of doing my own web comic. I started out wanting to get my idea published in newspaper syndication, but I've been fortunate enough to get very blunt and valuable critical advice from trusted and established writers about the rough strips I put together. The consensus? Newspaper syndicates won't go for it. So, as there was so much else going on to keep me out of trouble, I shelved the idea to be revisited at a later date. I'm still kicking around the ideas and I think I'm going to end up using the same characters, but even though the story will be completely different, I still may just skip the syndicates and go straight for the web.


Well, I'll discuss that later. But I'm thinking about running the strips that I have done (about 12 I think...) in the next few weeks as well as some of the concept sketches, just to see what the three people who read my blog think. (I've already heard what you think, aunt Josephine - let someone else have a turn.)

So , here are a couple of design ideas I worked up.

As you can tell, it's a space epic. Huge surprise. However, because I do like a little originality, it will be its own comic, for sure. Essentially, it'll be an excuse for me to draw stuff that I like to have fun with, but don't get to draw to make a living. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and look for more in the future. Like I said, those original shelved strips are coming!

Good Luck,


Update: see this post for new developments.

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micke said...

Well, were is it then. Curiosity is getting to me.