Robert Weisberg takes Shinders down the tubes

Way to go, Bob. Way to take a 91-year old Twin Cities icon and run it off a long road of success and into a solid bridge abutment.

Shinders used to be a great place to get small-press comics, baseball cards, and sports memorabilia. "My" Shinders was the Minnetonka location, and it was also a great place to go for obscure and specialized magazines that were marvelous art references. A couple months ago I started noticing that they were getting thin on many (of my industry, at least) trade magazines, like Cinefex and the like, so I asked what the deal was, and the clerk told me they were going through distributor changes and restructuring the stores. That made sense to me in this internet era, that a brick-and-mortar print media outlet would shuffle things up a bit.

Well, it turns out that it wasn't a case of distributor changes; it was more along the lines of owner Robert Weisberg driving around with drugs and guns in his car, crapping out on his law practice and not showing up for the resulting court hearings. I'd link you to it, but it's not worth the effort. Google it if you care - the news is out there. (EDIT: For some reason, I seem to be high on the search list with people looking for this story. If you're looking for more than a rant, you can find some good timelines and information here or here.)

I'm just tired of junkies selfishly trashing things like age-old traditions, peoples livelihoods, themselves and their families in juvenile half-assed orgies of self-indulgence.

Congratulations, Bob - you are an official boob.

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