Lightning Blast

Some big storms rolled through our area a few days ago and while we were spared the high winds and extraordinarily heavy rains we did get some of the closest lightning I've seen in quite a while. This is a short clip from about ten minutes of video I shot that evening. The big hit happens about 1:10 into the clip.

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Here's a frame grab of the big blast:

I remember that the thing that scared me more than the thunder itself was the creepy undersea blue afterglow - you can kind of see it in the video, but it doesn't capture it very well; it was much more vivid in person.

More art coming eventually. I'm just coming off a bit of a summer vacation where I stayed away from my computer for the most part and worked on finishing up our house. House still isn't done, of course, but it's much closer than it was before. I'll take some pictures of the doors I'm making and post those.

Because who doesn't find doors infinitely interesting?

Good luck,


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Alexiev said...

That good video on the storm... I feel there... has an incredible climate...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
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