And now for something completely different...

From time to time I am approached with interesting requests from clients who think an animator who does illustration as well must be able to do just about anything. As much as I'd like that to be the case, I won't be turning out a Norman Rockwell looking piece in any reasonable amount of time, let alone at all. I just don't do those kind of illustrations. I'm pretty specialized and my style tends to be cartoony. Nevertheless, when asked to do something out of my lane, I always at least look at what is needed and see if it is something I can do. If I don't feel I can at least somewhat exceed the client's expectations, I turn down the job. My reasoning is simple: I'm servicing the potential client better by steering them towards someone who would be better suited to the task than I am by struggling to do it myself and falling short of expectations. Choosing to struggle with something outside of your experience and fall short looks terribly unprofessional, in my opinion. Not to range too far off topic, but the same goes for deadlines. I'm not doing anyone any favors by agreeing to a deadline that can't be met. At any rate, here's a part of an illustration job that was well outside of what I normally do but was able to complete (well on-time) and with great satisfaction to the client.

On top of everything, it was a really interesting illustration to create as well.

Created entirely in Photoshop.

Happy Monday, and good luck,


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