Turtle Thursday

OK... how'd it get to be mid-October already? Sheesh. I guess I'm having fun, 'cause the time is simply whizzing by. We're going to have a new baby in the next few weeks and I still don't have the baby's room done. Trim, curtains, crib... Well, with any luck, I'll get that situation turned around in the coming week or two.

Another big first for us today: our very first parent/teacher conference for our preschooler.

I like being a dad.

I'm suddenly reminded of a time about a year-and-a-half ago (she would've been about two) when I brought home a drawing of a bug for our daughter; she loves bugs and I thought she'd have a little fun with it. Well, she said "thank you" when I gave it to her (such a polite child, she is) looked at it dispassionately for a moment, crumpled it up and handed it back to me saying, "Here, daddy. Garbage."

She's a tough critic.

Here're some turtles I managed to save from the crumpling.

3x4 - Pitt brush pens on Canson Pro Layout marker paper

Oop - gotta get back to work.

Good luck,


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Adrian Ropp said...

Hey, these are some great turles! Keep up the great work!