Twin Cities Marathon 2007

The Twin Cities Marathon is this weekend, and while I'm not running it this year (I've never run the Twin Cities one...) I still dream of running it. Maybe next year. (smiles and rolls eyes) Well, you never know.

I did run the 10-mile race back in '03 which was just a few months before our firstborn... my wife was in Chile for work, my dad was my support group (Advil at milemarker 6, and please take this sweatshirt 'cause gee it got hot right quick) and some good friends came to point and laugh.

And for a bit of small trivia, I'm the fellow who designed the TCM Mascots Harry & Shelly. I did not name them, however.

Spaghetti Dinner spot illustration rough - 5x5

I've never been fond of the whole "tortoise & the hare" thing. It was too easy. Too... I don't know... cliché, I guess. There were some great ideas about more abstract images and "emotions" turned icon at the beginning, but I guess I didn't do a good enough job of pushing those. But at any rate, they are what they are and there they are. I'll have a few more leading up to the big day itself and to those of you running,

Good luck -


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