Super Duper Tuesday

Minnesota is actually part of the primaries this year. Wow. As a result, we've been treated to an onslaught of political advertising.


With as much money as these people reportedly spend on their advertising, you'd think that they might come up with something watchable. If you're using television to get your message out, use the medium for what it's good for. (Hint: At least give us some stimulating, eye-catching visuals to ameliorate the predictable and mind-numbing platitudes you keep dishing out for people to nod with thoughtful looks and mumble "mmm-hmm, right, right - just so" to.)

When is someone going to wise up and hire those people that do the Miller Lite commercials?

"Hey, daddy - I'd like you to meet my democratic candidate for president in '08." and let it roll from there - dog gets them a beer, (exhibiting leadership ability) candidate saves uncle Horatio from choking on a peanut (metaphor for saving the US economy from a downturn) etc... all in slow-motion with roman candles and wind machines and "Ain't that America" rockin' the soundtrack.

I'll have to do an elephant to compliment the donkey... but in the meantime, here's a pelican.

Don't forget to vote.


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