March is Sketchbook Month - Day 03

Sketchbook Month continues! Day three's drawing is much more a render-doodle than a regular sketchbook entry, but it's fun to get to work the Prismacolors at all. It's been a long time!

Colored pencil, Prismacolor marker, 05 Micron - 5.2x3.5


Bucky Jones said...

Geez, Kelly, this is awesome! Love the way the fish pops off the page.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Bucky - I'm doing these on paper called 100% Sulphite Paper (Peacock Colorburst by Pacon Papers to be exact - picked up at Dick Blick's) which is much more fade resistant than your regular ol' kid's construction paper. I like it because it takes the Prismacolors so well and really helps the colors pop. Now I'm tempted to do a page of fish just for you.