Think big, think outside of the box!

Kaboing TV stands to spread cartoon goodness to animation lovers everywhere via the web. Animated cartoons for animated cartoon lovers by people who love animated cartoons. No suits. No meddling. All monkey business. The good kind. Kaboing TV needs your help: watch, comment, spread the word to your cartoon-loving friends. Link, link, link again. Animated cartoons are good for you, animated cartoons are good for me. Animated cartoons are proven* to make you 52.5% less cranky and 78.3% more attractive due to the youthful, goofy grin on your previously dour and furrowed mug. Get out there and hug an animator! Get out there and hug a cartoon lover! Get out there and be animated yourself! Live animatedly, love animatedly, love life animatedly! VIVA ANIMATION! Woo!

Whew. Ok - I'm back. Now, let's get out there and spread the animation loving.

Kaboing TV!



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