Because location is everything, here are a couple of backgrounds:

1) from a Twin Cities Marathon Family Events illustration:

2) from a Ben-Hur-ish illustration with a duck driving a chariot:

Speaking of the Twin Cities, we took a little family break and headed to Minnesota Children's Museum over in St. Paul. It was our daughter's first trip to the museum (auntie & uncle gave us a family membership for Christmas... very cool) and she was amazing - played with the exhibits and other kids so nicely, said "hi" to Bob the Builder (the most recent main attraction) and worked on fixing up a tool bench. In another exhibit, she saw live turtles and fish (she thought this was pretty amazing) and *gasp* got to splash around in a "creek" with rubber crawfish. Her favorite part must've been the ant tunnels, though - as you were able to get down on all fours & cruise around in this giant, well... ant-hill thing. I went in with her, too and once I got over my rather adultish claustrophobia, had a blast as we crawled around and would yell "Aaahhh!" when running into the big bugs in the tunnels. We'll be going back again soon, to be sure. Curious George will be there in May - our daughter is already looking forward to the visit.

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