It's Giraffe day!

These were for a children's saving program at a local bank... this was one of those jobs where I explored penguins, but apparently nothing says "savings" like a giraffe.

A study of giraffe head structure...

On an unrelated note, I really dislike the Minnesota deep freeze. This is the time of year that I ask myself why we live here. Then, spring will roll around, the air freshens, the lakes open up, and then I remember why; It's absolutely one of the best and most beautiful places on earth.

However, I really dislike the Minnesota deep freeze.

Good Luck,



Tuna Can said...

By sheer coincidence Gavin was pointing out long necked giraffes yesterday.. Interesting..

rogério said...

Tu desenhas fantasticamente...muito bem mesmo.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow, this giraffe is just beautiful.