You may have been wondering "where's the animation?" Had you been wondering that and then actually asked me, I would've said, "well, I haven't figured out how to post video clips yet, as this is a brand new mini-hobby of mine."

Pretty lame answer, I know. However, I have figured out how to do the Ever-Handy-and-Useful® "hotlink" and I am not afraid to use it. So to that end, I shall link you to my animation samples that are stored elsewhere. Sheer brilliance, I dare say.

So because it's Friday, and because Fridays are fun, let's have some animation. Today we'll have a spot I did for ClubTix last year.

Because this was a one-man-show (me) I had to design an efficient production - simple style yet something that would compliment the slightly sarcastic attitude of the original radio spot. Oh, I should probably tell you that the sound was originally a radio commercial. I edited it down from its original minute to 30 seconds. In its final form it ended up being 36 seconds, because halfway through production, they said it could be as long as it needed to be. (?!) So, as it felt a bit rushed in its :30 form, those extra six seconds proved to be very useful. After the animation was completed, I added the sound effects (birds tweeting, arm swooshes, chair creaks... everything outside the voices) to the final mix and voila! It was finished, well received, and as far as I know, never seen again until now.

Happy Friday, Good Luck, and stay warm,


P.S. - I would just like to mention a local man who has suffered much as of late, Sgt. John Kriesel of Cottage Grove, MN. He is one of many who I feel fortunate to have backing us up.

I'm still going to complain about the cold, however.


rogério said...

Desculpa perguntar, como sabes falar português? Mas mais uma vez é fantástico o teu traço...tens um traço lindo...adoro o teu estilo...

Kelly said...

Obrigado muito muito que você é demasiado amável. Eu embarrassed
para dizer que eu usei o software da tradução escrever meu
português. Eu quis certificar-se você podia ler meus comentários
em seu blog, porque eu não quis supor que você falou o inglês. Este
software é muito útil though, porque eu não poderia ler sua
resposta. Bem, não endireite afastado, em todo o caso. Meu tio está
aprendendo falar o português, e provavelmente poderia traduzir para
mim, mas eu não poderia esperar por muito tempo isso.

Eu estou contente você parei perto, e outra vez, eu aprecío seu
trabalho e olho para a frente a ouvir mais sobre ele.

Sorte Boa,


Thank you very much- you are too kind. I am embarrassed to say that I used translation software to write my Portuguese. I wanted to make sure you were able to read my comments on your blog, as I did not want to assume you spoke English. This software is very useful though, as I wouldn't have been able to read your response. Well, not right away, anyway. My uncle is learning to speak Portuguese, and he probably would have been able to translate for me, but I would not have been able to wait that long.

I am glad you stopped by, and again, I enjoy your work and look forward to hearing more about it.

Good Luck,