Inking with a brush

Happy Monday!

Watched the Colts pound the Bears in the Superbowl last night. Actually, felt more like the Bears couldn't pull their act together when it mattered most, and all the Colts had to do was hold them at arm's length. Blah blah blah - what really matters after all is some family time, my wife's top-notch guacamole, and the commercials. My favorites being Doritos' "Live the Flavor", CareerBuilder's "Darts & Jungle, Inc", and Bud Light's "Fist Bump".

Here are a couple of jolly cooks that I did with brush and ink.

I wish I could go into how much I love inking with a brush or a good brush pen, but I'm pressed for time, so I'll wax eloquent about all that later. Thanks to all who have been leaving comments - I promise I'll take time to answer back in the near future.

By the way, it is -16ºF here in Minnetokna. But hey, at least it's a dry cold!

Good Luck, and hope you're warm wherever you are,


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Tuna Can said...

-16F in Minnetonka??!!!

It's at least -14F up here in Plymouth. How can you live somewhere so cold?

I hear ya, the big game yesterday was Little G's chance to run around and get admired by family for his cuteness...