Childhood... and water

Childhood imaginations: paradise. Oh, and water.

6x9 Color pencil on some kind of fibery paper I had laying around...

Detail shot:

Good luck,


Kelly McNutt Animator Link to IF post #2, "More Water" 6/4/07

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emila yusof said...

very cute and adorable! i love how you highlighted the boy and the tank and leave everything white.

Tina Vaziri said...

Great sense of imagination from the boy, his ideas are the most colorful! Nicely done!

JO said...

Nicely done, it really does show his imagination perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I love this piece of art. it is a very nice drawing.

Monica said...

Fantastic illo, very creative and well done. Great line work all around, and I especially like the way you added color only to the boy and his "vision' of paradise. It's truly lovely!