More Water

Pencil on 23lb. animation bond

More to come...

Good Luck,


Kelly McNutt Animator Link to IF post #1, "Life on the water" 6/1/07

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Anonymous said...

Always love your style...

goalpost95 said...

reminds of family times or that family comic strip

The Mattman said...

Hey this is great!
Please educate me, what is animation board?

Kelly said...

mattman - thanks for the question (and your kind words). I used animation bond for this drawing. Specifically . 12 field Ingram bond (12 field refers to the paper size of 10.5x12.5 inches) is simply a paper type that is good for using on a light table, as it has a very uniform translucency. Some paper appears blotchy when light is shown through it which can cause problems when trying to see through multiple sheets at a time. It also has a beautiful surface that is great to draw on. Not too rough for fine pencil work, not to smooth where a pencil will skip. It's almost silky. I use a few types of animation paper (mostly of the same weight, but some are less expensive) so when I refer to animation bond, I'm just saying it's on animation paper of one kind or another. Oh! Another great thing about the Ingram bond is you can get a really nice inked line out of it as well.

Good luck,