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I made the jump to 10.5 on the laptop yesterday (12" PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM for those that are keeping score) and while it was a rather bumpy ride, I managed to make it through unscathed. Had I elected to erase the hard drive and do a clean install, everything would've gone much smoother, I'm sure, but when you've got a couple years' worth of preferences and passwords and the like, I just can't see that doing a clean install would be any less of a hassle for getting everything back where you need it. The biggest problem I had was that suddenly (after finally getting it to boot in 10.5) my account was no longer recognized as an Admin account. What's that mean? Well, no changing anything, and next to no trouble-shooting capability. Regardless, I managed to get that squared away and get my storyboards done as well (during the three attempts of installing which ran at least an hour and a half each). Now things seem to be running nice and smooth, and yes, I do like the look and feel of it. Mail is much more useful, Safari is much more useful, things are just more useful. And it appears that all my apps (Photoshop, Toon Boom, Illustrator, Anime Studio Pro, Flash, etc etc...) all work just fine. Apple and Adobe have dropped a big bomb on After Effects CS3 users though; AE needs an upgrade to work with 10.5, and Adobe won't have it until December, so they say. What?! I think this is just another symptom of Apple disregarding their computing platform for their gadget platform. I've said it before and I'll probably be saying it again soon, but I'm waiting (along with many many others) for an updated Mac Pro to come along. It's been well over a year now, and the rumors are barely starting to trickle in about anything new on that front. First I was waiting to make the jump to Intel Macs because they didn't make a universal binary version of the Adobe Creative Suite - it would run, but only through emulation software which countered any speed gains made by the new computer. So, I waited... and waited. They came out with the universal binary finally in June (I think) but by then the Mac Pro was close to a year between updates, so it would've been silly (I thought) to get a Mac Pro only to have them update them a week or two later. Well, it's been four months now, and while it's probably good I waited, I am now one impatient and frustrated Apple customer.

Oh, and all you laptop fanboys whining about wanting a Macbook update, just shut up. It's only been 5 months since your last refresh. Pansies.

That's it. I need coffee.

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Michael said...

Kel -
Hi. Mike Edholm here. You mentioned that After Effects has problems with 10.5 (Leopard?). I just bought Leopard, but my hard drive is so full of application software, I have to get a bigger drive before I can even load Leopard, much less anything else. After Effects is the next program I want to add to the inventory. Has Adobe made this fix you mentioned? Write me at my email, would you? Thanks. How are Nick the kids? Tell 'em hi.