Proud Daddy x2

My wife gave birth to our second daughter this past week, making me the proud daddy of two beautiful girls! Kaili Cole McNutt was born Tuesday morning at 8:37. She's a little peanut, almost a full pound smaller than our first, but strong as can be, and she's an eating machine... It took us a while to name her, as we had several girls' names to choose from; we had only one boy's name, which virtually guaranteed it was going to be a girl. But by the late afternoon, we had decided on Kaili (pronounced "Ky-lee").

Nicole is doing well - she's feeling great, actually, but she's dealing with some high blood pressure issues which we're keeping close tabs on. Alix is such a good "little big sister" and shares her blankets with her little sister, and lets us know the second Kaili is awake.

Somehow I'm lucky enough to have such a beautiful family; a wife of beauty, strength and grace, and daughters who follow in their mother's footsteps.

Truly, I am blessed.


Kaili - about 15 minutes after she was born

Proud big sister Alix holding her "little stister"

Kaili in the afternoon sun


Fossfor said...

congrats! she is beautiful :)

Tom said...

Congratulations!!! All the best from Anna and I!