Quick little test

Here's a quick little test that came out of the airplane illustrations posted earlier. This was going to be just the beginning of some other cool things, but sometimes corporate-think begins to crop up and cool things die on the vine. Nonetheless, it makes for some cool drawings and an animated tidbit.

It's Thursday, and since Thursday makes me think of dinosaurs, and since dinosaurs have nothing to do with the beginning of this post:

...another bit of inking fun,

and a phone doodle!

Yes, I am a closet "Alien" geek. Well, maybe I'm not that big of a geek- I mean, I don't go to online forums and argue the fine points of the alien's societal structure or courting rituals, or why barometric pressure would have an effect one way or another on an alien's ability to track prey in an atmosphere of methane. I mean, it's obvious what kind of disastrous results you'd end up with. Isn't it?

And the Predator? Pphfft. Predator is a pansy.

Good Luck,



Toyebot said...

Great work on you blog!!Cheers

Cedric said...

Great stuff on your blog! Very inspirational.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I met with Eddie recently, he told me about your job change. I hope it takes you to bigger and better things!