Inking with a brush (part II)

I'm really looking forward to doing some more stuff like this. I always feel good for some reason after inking things with a brush. There's something vaguely relaxing about the process.

First we have the cat.

I'm really not a cat person, if you can't tell. This is pretty much how I see all cats. "Yes, here I am, but don't touch me, unless I want food. Then you may touch me, until you can't, at which point I'll bite you."

Actually, there was one cat I really liked, (and no, it wasn't dead, you sick puppy) Well, NOW he's dead, but that's still not why I liked him so - he was our cat, Loopy, and he thought he was a dog. Best cat I've ever known. He grew up with our two Brittany Spaniels, Mickey and Belle. Belle is the only one left, and she's a pretty good dog, but now and then I really miss Mickey and Loopy. Once in a lifetime kind of pets.

Speaking of dead cats, here we have a cook that went with the cooks from a previous post. I remember not liking this one too much, but I think I've changed my mind. I do like this one. I embrace it as my own, because, well, it is.

I think it was because for the most part, I preferred the sheer joy of the leaping cook over this one. But I still like this one's line. Next, please!

Ah, now here we have some real dancing fools. You may just see this kind of thing again soon. With color. Whoa.

And that concludes today's exhibit. Thanks for coming, and please leave your glasses in the receptacles by the exit doors.

Good Luck,


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